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How are the proceeds of a life settlement taxed?

Life settlements have been gaining popularity recently, but many people don't know how they are taxed. Today we explore what a life settlement is,...

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

There are over 47 million cyclists in the United States. Unfortunately, accidents involving automobiles and cyclists have become all too common. In...

Buying Life Insurance for an Elderly Parent?

When an elderly parent relies on their adult children for support, the costs of medical bills, in-home or assisted-living care, and final expenses...

Does Uber Insurance Cover Passengers?

Auto insurance is one of the most critical policies you will ever own. This is especially true for Uber drivers, who not only need to ensure they...

Living Your Best Life After 60

Turning 60 typically marks a new chapter in one's life. It's a time to reassess your goals, focus on what brings you joy, and make the most of the...

Buying Health Insurance: A Millennial’s Guide

One of the most important, yet complex products you will purchase as an adult is health insurance. But with a nearly endless list of options,...