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Back to Work: How Businesses Are Trying to Make Workers Feel Safe

As people continue to receive their COVID-19 vaccines, restrictions are easing, and more workers are returning to the office. But there is still a risk of infection, and some people are unable to get vaccinated because of allergies and underlying health conditions. How do you keep you and your loved ones safe while you go back to work?

The good news is that many businesses are taking measures to ensure their employees’ mental and physical health are taken care of.

Socially Distanced Desks

Companies are spreading out their employees’ desks to ensure everyone stays at least 6 feet apart at all times. In environments that require face-to-face contact with customers or clients, partitions are being mounted to avoid direct contact.

Greater Sanitation

Offices and other establishments have workers and cleaning services periodically sanitize and disinfect throughout the day. Cleaning and safety measures are put in place following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Safety Guidelines.

Workers and customers are all required to wear face coverings, and many will also opt to wear gloves. Handwashing will be improved with more touchless technologies such as automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers.

Routine Screening

Because COVID-19 can still be spread by people who display no physical illness or symptoms, it’s crucial for businesses to continually screen and test their employees. This may involve daily temperature checks prior to entry, and it should also include regular COVID testing as well. Keep in mind that even someone who is fully vaccinated can still infect those who are not.

Self-monitoring will play a role in keeping the workplace safe for everyone; you will have to exercise just as much precaution outside of the business as you will within it. If everyone takes this approach, it will be safe for people to resume their jobs and slowly get back to their old routines.

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